Services Now at Princeton (SN@P)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
by mp3

Over the past decade, IT organizations have been faced with fundamental change. Fostered by the rise of new web-centric technologies and pushed by the massive scale of consumer-oriented service companies like Google, the IT landscape has evolved from being technology focused to being service focused. IT organizations have recognized that in order to stay relevant they must evolve from their roots as operators of technologies to a new model of being curators of technology services. To further complicate the situation, Information Technology itself has simultaneously become more complex and essential in virtually every aspect of our lives. Providing stable, predictable and secure IT services in a time of high complexity and rapid change requires a maturity of process that is foreign to most IT organizations.

Through our Long Range Planning process, OIT has come to recognize that it must adopt new processes and a new operating philosophy based on the principles of continual service improvement. At the heart of this philosophy is the belief that our portfolio should be viewed not as a collection of discrete technologies, but as collections of components which deliver specific service value to clients. Those services are to be delivered within well understood parameters for cost and quality. The key to accomplishing this is to develop standard processes that provide the ability to measure performance, measure cost and to communicate that information in an actionable means. Our goal, though the rigorous analysis of the data provided, is to continually improve the delivery of our services in a manner that balances quality and cost.

The method we have chosen to implement our Continual Service Improvement Initiative is based on the globally recognized Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. We will instantiate the measurement and control processes through the implementation of ServiceNow.